Bain & Company, Mumbai & New Delhi, India
Company Size :   Large (>1000)
Job Type :   Permanent
Job Category :   Business & Strategic Management
Posted On :   February 1, 2014
offering challenging responsibilities, broad business exposure and unrivaled career prospects, Bain's consultant role provides an unparalleled opportunity to apply knowledge, business intuition, and analytical rigor to real-world challenges, building invaluable skills and experience along the way. MBA students, advanced degree (MD, JD, PhD) candidates, professionals with consulting experience, and current Bain senior associate consultants are invited to pursue the position. All other candidates should refer to the Roles at Bain page to learn where they might best fit in.Consultants at Bain tackle the most advanced and difficult problems our clients face, including understanding new markets, helping frame new business models, assessing specific competitors' performance, performing due diligence for acquisition candidates and driving it all to bottom-line financial returns.

Responsibility and growth
Applying concepts honed at Bain, you'll gain access to an unparalleled range and depth of opportunities:
  • Working with clients from Fortune 500 companies to midsize firms, to private equity firms, to start-ups
  • Taking on such stimulating challenges as corporate and business unit strategy, mergers and acquisitions, organizational design, sales and marketing optimization, and manufacturing and distribution improvements
  • Engaging with fast-changing industries including consumer goods and retail, technology and telecommunication, financial services, industrial products, and many others
Through it all, you'll make valuable professional connections through close collaboration with clients and team members and will build long-lasting friendships with your inspiring, supportive consultant peers.

Key learning at Bain
As a Bain consultant, you are involved in all aspects of our end-to-end process. You might develop a plan to solve the client's problems. Execute the analysis. Translate data into meaningful insights and recommendations. Lead and mentor new ACs. Or move the client to action. As a consultant, everything you do is geared toward achieving tangible results for our clients and our communities.

Along the way, you'll refine your interpersonal and management skills as you work side-by-side with some of the best in the business. You'll learn to astutely identify client needs, build deeper client relationships and gain consensus—all of which make you a better leader.

As a Bain consultant, education takes many forms, from this informal day-to-day mentoring to formal annual global training programs. Bain also provides a wide variety of opportunities for experiential learning and a platform for you to turn personal passions into social impact, with firm support. Growth is not just professional, but personal as well.

What comes next?
Successful Bain consultants move on to become case team leaders (CTL) and then, depending on performance,managersprincipals, and ultimately partners. If you want to build a long-term career at Bain, the opportunity is yours for the taking.

Still, you might also leverage the skills and deep, diverse experience you gain here as a springboard for a career outside of Bain. From a general management position in almost any industry or nonprofit organization to a senior role in a private equity or financial firm, to leading your own business, Bain gives you the tools, skills, experience and judgment you'll need to succeed, wherever your passions lead you.

No matter where your path leads, you'll continue to benefit from your relationships with Bain colleagues, clients, and diverse, supportive alumni for the rest of your career. It all starts at Bain.

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